"You work hard to provide your children with an enriched experience of science that helps them to understand the relevance and value of the subject"
PQSM March 2021

Meet the Staff

Leadership Team

Head Teacher

Mrs S Harris

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs J Heritage

Assistant Head for Standards & Achievement

Mr R Stokes


Mrs A Weaver

School Office

School Office Manager 

Mrs E Keeler

School Admin & Welfare Assistant

Mrs C Heslin

Admin & Finance Assistant

Mrs K Byrnes

Teaching Staff

Year 6

Mrs A Weaver, Mrs C Ramsbottom, Mrs Burns

Year 5

Mrs R Bernstein and Mr I Osborne

Year 4

Mrs T Fahey and Mrs S Whitehead

Year 3

Mr R Stokes and Mrs A Stepniak

PPA Teachers

Mrs A Mahony, Mrs N Smith and Dr E Flinn

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs A Capocci
  • Mrs Chandrasekaran
  • Mrs E Hubery
  • Mrs C Hunt
  • Miss H Lopez
  • Mrs S McElhinney
  • Mrs F Najib
  • Mrs V O'Pray
  • Mr A Reno
  • Mrs M Santos
  • Mrs E Tkadleckova
  • Mrs M Tosti
  • Mrs E Wells 
  • Miss H Weston

Learning Support Mentor

  • Mrs C Halewood

Mid-day Supervisors

  • Mrs L Sacco 

  • Mrs S Brown

  • Mrs B Saunders

Site Manager

  • Mr M Wooster

Breakfast & Afterschool Club Staff

  • Mrs C Heslin - Supervisor & Administration

  • Mrs A Capocci

  • Mrs C Halewood

  • Mrs C Hunt

  • Mrs S McElhinney

  • Mrs E Wells

  • Miss H Weston

  • Mrs V O'Pray
  • Mrs S Brown


The fluffiest member of the team is Edie, our school's Wellbeing Dog! Edie is a Labradoodle and she comes into school 2 days a week.

School Dog FAQs

School Dog Policy