"You have managed to steadily raise the profile of science in the school and in the wider community over a number of years, and to maintain that during this most difficult of years – a commendable achievement"
PQSM March 2021

Meet the Staff

Leadership Team

Head Teacher

Mrs S Harris

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs J Heritage

Assistant Head for Standards & Achievement

Mr R Stokes


Mrs A Weaver

School Office

School Office Manager 

Mrs E Keeler

School Admin & Welfare Assistant

Mrs C Heslin

Admin & Finance Assistant

Mrs K Byrnes

Teaching Staff

Year 6

Mrs A Weaver, Mrs C Ramsbottom, Miss O'Reilly

Year 5

Mrs R Bernstein and Mr I Osborne

Year 4

Mrs S Kennedy/Mrs T Fahey and Mrs C Burns

Year 3

Mr R Stokes and Mrs A Stepniak

PPA Teachers

Mrs A Mahony and Mrs N Smith

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs A Capocci
  • Mrs Chandrasekaran
  • Mrs C Halewood
  • Mrs E Hubery
  • Mrs C Hunt
  • Miss A Keinch
  • Mrs S McElhinney
  • Mrs V O'Pray
  • Mrs M Tosti
  • Mrs E Wells 
  • Miss H Weston
  • Mrs E Tkadleckova

Learning Support Mentor

  • Mrs C Halewood

Mid-day Supervisors

  • Mrs L Sacco 

  • Mrs Santos

  • Mrs S Brown

  • Mrs B Saunders

Site Manager

  • Mr M Wooster

Breakfast & Afterschool Club Staff

  • Mrs C Heslin - Supervisor & Administration

  • Mrs A Capocci

  • Mrs C Halewood

  • Mrs C Hunt

  • Mrs S McElhinney

  • Mrs E Wells

  • Miss A Keinch

  • Mrs S Brown


The fluffiest member of the team is Edie, our school's Wellbeing Dog! Edie is a Labradoodle and she comes into school 2 days a week.

School Dog FAQs

School Dog Policy