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Maths Vision and Aims


  • To promote a love of Maths
  • To enable pupils:
    • to become mathematicians who are
      • Enthusiastic
      • Creative
      • Articulate
    • To be able to use their knowledge of Maths to solve problems
  • To promote Maths as a tool for life that:
    • Enables us to
      • Make sense of the world
      • Analyse and communicate information and ideas
      • Investigate and solve real life problems
  • To assist every pupil:
    • To understand the importance of Maths in everyday life
    • To gain the skills to carry out efficient mental and written calculations
    • To achieve their full potential


  • We pursue a mastery approach to Maths in order to develop the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts
  • The Maths National Curriculum is delivered through the use of the White Rose Maths scheme
  • Through the use of manipulatives and images, the pupils progress from concrete to pictorial through to abstract
  • Concrete resources are used to develop pupils’ conceptual understanding of place value and the four operations
  • Teaching staff model correct mathematical vocabulary
  • Pupils are encouraged to use the modelled mathematical vocabulary to explain their understanding and knowledge to others
  • Connections are made between concrete, pictorial and abstract ideas to enable pupils to master concepts
  • Pupils are able to practise their times tables knowledge using TTRockstars and are encouraged to take part in regular interClass and interHouse TTRockstars competitions
  • Where gaps in knowledge have been identified pupils receive appropriate support and intervention
  • Pupils undertake regular formal assessments


  • Pupils:
    • Display a positive and resilient attitude towards Maths
    • Are able to articulate their understanding of mathematical concepts using an increasingly sophisticated mathematical vocabulary
    • Achieve Age Related Expectations for their year group
    • Some pupils will achieve greater depth within Age Related Expectations


Calculation Policy

Calculation Policy Guidance

We encourage children to practise times tables and key number facts regularly. One of the ways this is done is through setting work on mymaths. For logon information please speak to your child’s class teacher.


Maths Primary Learning Journey

Yr 3 Yearly Overview

Yr 4 Yearly Overview

Yr 5 Yearly Overview

Yr 6 Yearly Overview