"Members of the pupil parliament were very clear about how things could be improved and had some very good suggestions which they expressed very eloquently"
Ofsted 2018

Term Dates

  Open the morning of Closed at the end of the afternoon on
Advent Term 2021 Thursday 2nd September at 08:50 Thursday 21st October at 15:15
Tuesday 2nd November at 08:50 Friday 17th December at 15:15
Lent Term 2022 Wednesday 5th January at 08:50 Friday 18th February at 15:15
Monday 28th February 08:50 Friday 8th April 15:15
Pentacost Term 2022 Monday 25th April 08:50 Friday 27th May at 15:15
Monday 6th June at 08:50 Tuesday 19th July at 15:15

INSET days

Wednesday 1st September 2021

Friday 22nd October 2021

Monday 1st November 2021

Tuesday 4th January 2022

Wednesday 20th July 2022

Transition days

Tuesday 5th July

Wednesday 6th July

Term Dates 2022/23



Open the morning of:

Closed at the end of the afternoon on:




Advent Term 2022

Tuesday 6th September at 08:50

Friday 21st October at 15:15


Wednesday 2nd November at 08:50

Tuesday 20th December at 15:15




Lent Term 2023

Wednesday 4th January at 08:50

Friday 10th February at 15:15


Monday 20th February 08:50

Friday 31st March 15:15




Pentecost Term 2023

Monday 17th April 08:50

Friday 26th May at 15:15


Monday 5th June at 08:50

Thursday 20th July at 15:15


INSET days are:


Friday 2nd September 2022

Monday 5th September 2022

Monday 31st October 2022

Tuesday 1st November 2022

Friday 21st July 2023


Transition days:

Tuesday 4th July

Wednesday 5th July